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The Evolution Is Here

From a racing game to the full-scale player versus-player artillery game that includes several weapon types to take onto the battlefield! Create and level your battle snail for increased health, shield, and energy. Change the looks of your snails on the battlegrounds with unique custom skins and trade your in-game assets. 



  • Community Revenue 

  • Risk To Earn

  • Own the game

  • Upgradeable NFT

  • Custom in-game items


Community Revenue 

Passive income for the original

The generation 1 NFT holders can access exclusive passive income with simple clicks. Simple Stake To Earn income will be divided among the NFT and LP token stakers - NO locking needed. The longer you stake, the juicier the rewards!

Risk To Earn

The degen mode we've all been waiting for

Are you ready to step up your game? Are you willing to risk and stake on yourself? The degen mode, also known as Risk To Earn mode is a completely new and unique mode, seen only at Slime Shadies. Load up your account with tokens and play with the real degens.


Own The Game

In-game assets are truly yours

The era of true in-game items ownership has come. Be the skins, weapons, experience books or energy vials...they are yours to use, sell or trade.

Upgradable NFT

Upgrade your game

With the upgradable NFTs, including your account, you will be able to deal with stronger opponents, earn and win more, equip stronger and shadier weapons, and most importantly, you will be able to dominate the Shady Battlegrounds.


Custom In-game Items

Snail skins, weapon skins, sound effects

Wearing an angel's halo? Or devil horns? Shooting rainbow cats instead of basic rockets? We've got everything you can imagine. The best thing is that you can always sell your skins and buy new ones on the marketplace.


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